Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology – EAUT

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology is the discipline which researches and applies electrical and electronics related issues with many majors such as energy, electronics, control systems, signal processing, telecommunications, etc.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering creates high-value products with low raw material costs. The most outstanding feature of the industry is designing the system which automatically directs and controls electrical parameters to technological lines.

  • Electrical Engineering solves problems in macroscopic electrical systems such as power transmission and control of electrical equipment, usually related to power transmission problems (research of problems related to dynamic circuit)
  • Electronics Engineering studies much smaller electrical systems such as micro-circuit, integrated circuit, control circuits, etc. and extra low voltage equipment such as: communication network, computers, integral diagram-based equipment.

In order to design an automatic control system by electrical signals, control the operation of electrical equipment, people working in field of electrical and electronics engineering must have knowledge about production technology, power transmission and electrical equipment, electrical parameters, electrical equipment to be controlled and automatic requirements of all equipment in the production line. Electronic micro-circuit is the main part of the control system by electrical signal, thus, when people working in field of Electrical – Electronics must have knowledge about electronic components, microelectronic circuit and devices to control signals of electronic circuits.

Training in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology

Groups of subjects for admissions:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

C01: Mathematics, Literature, and Physics

D01: Mathematics, Literature, English

Specialized subjects: Microprocessor engineering, electric drives, electrical safety, power plants and substations, automatic control engineering, power electronics, logic control and PLC, power transmission and distribution networks, programming techniques, etc.


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