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Thermal Engineering (thermal, electrical & refrigeration)


In the era of Industry 4.0, the Thermal, Electrical & Refrigeration Engineering sector plays a very important role in the social life and the success of the country’s modernization. Thermal energy is present in all power generation processes and is an indispensable ingredient in industries such as: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, textiles, footwear, chemicals, oil and gas, food processing, etc., so the Thermal, Electrical & Refrigeration Engineering sector sharply develops and has sustainable position in the modern economy.

Thermal, Electrical & Refrigeration Engineering

Thermal Engineering (thermal, electrical & refrigeration) is a branch of knowledge that provides knowledge, trains skills in designing, processing, manufacturing, operating and controlling thermal and refrigeration equipment (heating, concentration, and reactors, dryers, chillers, air-conditioning equipment, etc.). Thermal and refrigeration equipment is an important component at food processing factories, breweries, wine and beverage factories, milk processing factories, chemical factories,

Groups of subjects for admissions:A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

C01: Mathematics, Literature, and Physics

D01: Mathematics, Literature, English

Training in Thermal Engineering (electrical & refrigeration)

You will be equipped with basic and in-depth knowledge including specialized knowledge such as:

– Thermal – Refrigeration: Designing, consulting, constructing thermal, electrical and refrigeration system, central air conditioners for high-rise buildings, freezing factories, ice factories, cold storehouses, steam boilers, thermal and electrical, etc.

– Mechanics: Operation mechanism, manufacturing technology for the thermal, electrical and refrigeration industry

– Automate and control automatic thermal and refrigeration systems

Specialized subjects: Refrigeration engineering, ventilation and air-conditioning, drying engineering, steam boiler and thermal network, industrial furnaces, environmental protection engineering, automatic control for thermal-cold process, refrigeration and air-conditioning system design, steam boiler and thermal network design, steam boiler and thermal networks installation-operation-repair, steam boiler and air-conditioning installation-operation-repair, etc.


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