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Control Engineering and Automation


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is known to strongly influence on the industries as well as perception trends of human. Any engineering needs control – automation. It must be affirmed that control and automation systems are present in all production lines of all economic sectors, including industry, agriculture and civil applications. According to experts, this sector always has high income and an extremely open career future.

What is Control Engineering and Automation?

The Control Engineering and Automation is specialized in researching, designing, operating the automatic systems, automatic production lines at factories (pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, cement, beverage, etc.); designing, controlling and manufacturing robots, managing products at domestic and foreign companies that trade in automatic electronic equipment, etc.

Training in Control Engineering and Automation

Groups of subjects for admissions:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

C01: Mathematics, Literature, and Physics

D01: Mathematics, Literature, English

Specialized subjects: microprocessor engineering, electric drives, electrical safety, process control, automatic control engineering, power electronics, logic control and PLC, distributed control system, programming techniques, etc.


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