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Food Technology

For a country with more than 90 million people with a abundant source of agricultural products and a stable economic growth rate, it is easy to understand that the demand for food is always very high – especially safe and convenient processed foods. Not only serving the domestic market, the era of strong integration is causing the Vietnam Food Industry to improve quality to increase its competitiveness in the international market. Therefore, the Food Technology Industry currently ranks the second of three leading groups in manpower demand up to 2025, especially extremely “thirsty” of manpower. When studying this branch of knowledge, the students’ future career opportunities are extremely open, and the students are always welcome at many different positions. This is the most widely applied in life and many students are interested in.

Overview of Food Technology

Food Technology is specialized in the field of preserving and processing the agricultural products; inspecting and assessing the product quality during food processing; researching and developing new products, operating production – storage lines, creating new materials in the field of food or pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc.

The applications of Food Technology are extremely diversified, since all things related to food, drink and food safety can apply its knowledge. Therefore, in recent years, the Food Technology industry has made long and sustainable advances on the path of integration and development.

Training in Food Technology

Groups of subjects for admissions:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

A02: Mathematics, Physics, Biology

B00:Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology

C01: Mathematics, Literature, and Physics

C08: Literature, Chemistry, Biology

D08:Mathematics, Biology, English

D13:Literature, Biology, English

D07:Mathematics, Chemistry, English

Small scales:

– Food Technology
– Post-harvest technology
– Technology of fermented products
– Quality and food safety management


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