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Construction Engineering


In the current trend of integration and global reach, the industrialization and modernization must be associated with the training of highly skilled workers. Construction Engineering is not an exception. It is an interesting discipline receiving attention from a large number of students. Vietnam has its first applications of the world’s advanced technologies in large-scale construction projects. This industry still has a bright prospect thanks to the urbanization process and the high demand for infrastructure construction nationwide.

 What is Construction Engineering?

Construction engineering is a professional discipline that deals with the designing, planning, construction, management, supervision, and acceptance of civil and industrial infrastructures such as: houses, restaurants, hotels, bridges, airports, seaports, etc.
Presently, the construction industry has been dealing with a severe labor shortage. Therefore, the Construction Engineering course will be a promising kick-starter for students’ future careers.

Entry requirements

Groups of subjects for admissions:

A00: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A01: Mathematics, Physics, English

D01: Mathematics, Literature, English

C01: Mathematics, Literature, English

Specialized subjects: Reinforced concrete structures and reinforced concrete building structure, engineering geology, knowledge management plan, construction materials, civil and industrial design, structural steel design, water supply and drainage, construction equipment, organization of construction activities, building pathology and repair, special construction techniques, etc.


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